Why Was The Contractual Agreement Known As The Mayflower Compact Necessary

21 décembre 2020

But before they started this new life, they had to solve very practical problems. Their solution was to devise an agreement, later known as the Mayflower Compact, which became the first of a consensual government and ensured that everyone in the new colony complied with the same laws. To end the conflict and maintain unity, the pilgrimage guides (including William Bradford and William Brewster) designed the Mayflower Compact before disembarking. The short document (approximately 200 words) linked its signatories to a political body to form a government and promised to comply with all laws and regulations that would later be fixed « to the general of the colony. » The pact was signed by almost all adult male passengers of the Mayflower (41 passengers out of a total of 102), while the ship was molded into provincetown Harbour. His authority was exercised immediately when John Carver, who had co-organized the expedition, was elected governor of the new colony. In 1802, in Plymouth, future President John Quincy Adams stressed the enduring importance of the agreement signed more than 180 years earlier aboard the Mayflower, citing it « perhaps the only example in human history of this positive and original social pact, which speculative philosophers presented as the only legitimate source of government. » Before leaving the ship, the pilgrims decided to reach an agreement to reunite them and the « foreigners » to ensure that all the inhabitants of the new colony complied with the same laws. The result, a document designed and signed by almost all adult male passengers on board the ship, would be known as the Mayflower Compact. According to one list, Bradford`s nephew, Nathaniel Morton, in his 1669; New England Memorial printed, 41 of the adult male passengers on the Mayflower signed the agreement, including two of the servants on board. Shortly after the signing, they elected John Carver as the first governor of the new colony they called Plymouth Plantation. In this context, they pledged to put in place a temporary set of rules for self-decision, in accordance with the majority agreement. If they confront the reality that they cannot settle in the territory of Virginia, which they have agreed, they would « use their own freedom; for no one had the power to ordain them. The Mayflower Pact was not a constitution, but an adaptation of a puritanical federation to a civil situation.

Moreover, as a provisional instrument adopted exclusively by the settlers, the document does not resolve the question of their dubious legal rights over the country they have colonized. (A patent was finally obtained by the New England Council in June 1621. Nevertheless, the Mayflower Compact became the basis of the Plymouth government and remained in force until the colony entered the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1691. Although in practice much of Plymouth`s power was retained by the founders of the Pilgrim, the pact, with its fundamental principles of self-management and collective membership, was interpreted as an important step in the development of the American democratic government. Because the original version of the Mayflower Compact was lost, is the oldest known source in which the text of the document (provided below) is mourt`s Relation (1622), a report on Plymouths written comparison by Edward Winslow and William Bradford. In 1802, John Quincy Adams cited « the only example in human history of this positive, original and original social pact. » Today, it is generally accepted that he influenced the nation`s founding fathers by creating the Declaration of Independence and the United States.