Representation Agreement Ra7

4 octobre 2021

If an instructor resigns, dies, becomes incapable of acting or becomes unable to act for any other reason, the power conferred on each agent by the representation contract is suspended until a replacement contract remains, by law, a purely private contract. (b) an alternate representative shall be designated in the agreement and shall be ready and able to act as a representative. There is no definition of « representation agreement » in the Replacement Contracts Act, with the exception of the more tautological « means an agreement entered into under sections 7 or 9 ». § 2 of the Act offers some assistance: (b) In the event of an amendment, a modification of the agreement is made according to the procedures for the execution of a representation agreement, 12 (1) An adult who enters into a representation agreement with a provision authorized under Article 7 (1) (b) must designate in that agreement a person as a sentinel meeting the requirements of paragraph (4); unless (c) the representation agreement is more than a representative, but everyone can act independently, at least one representative….