What Is A Generator Interconnection Agreement

20 décembre 2020

39. Article 5.2, paragraph 7, of the LGIA pro forma requires the liaison customer to compensate the transmission provider « for claims arising from the construction of the interconnection client. compensation procedures applicable to Article 18.1. » In response to comments by the Edison Electric Institute, National Grid`s and Xcel Energy Services, Inc. regarding NOPR, which challenged Section 5.2(7) in light of the amendments to Decision 845, the Commission repeated the language in this provision, stating that this provision was « broad enough to address the concerns of the IEE Xcel and National Grid. » [96] 60. MISO TOs states that the Commission has not answered the question of whether the possibility of building upgrade systems is extended to the systems concerned. They also explain that the burden resulting from the revision creation option will be greater if the systems concerned are to allow connection customers who do not connect directly to them to rely on their systems. [143] 152. In response to the IEE, Regulation 845 did not change the existing definition of material modification, which determines whether a client`s proposed change in interconnection causes it to lose its queue position, depending on whether it has a significant impact on the costs or timing of a connection obligation with a later priority date for queues. [310] The requirement of Point 845 that transmission providers develop a definition of eligible technological advances does not alter the definition of a substantial change to the pro forma PPA or is contrary to the existing structure. On the contrary, Regulation 845 requires transmission providers to develop a definition of authorized technological advances that the interconnection process will take into account without triggering the loss of the queue position, in accordance with the LGIP material modification measure. [311] For clarity, we explain how this revision will fit into the existing provisions. Eligible technological advances, as defined by the transmission provider, are added to the list of existing changes in Section 4.4.2 of the LGIP proforma, which do not require material modification testing and therefore do not result in the loss of a link customer`s queue position.

[312] While the Commission included the good pro forma-LGIP language in Section 4.4.2 of Appendix B, the Commission did not include the word « eligible. » Therefore, we make it clear that section 4.4.2 of the LGIP proforma should include the following language under party c) (with italic accent): 59.