Treatment Agreement Drugs

19 décembre 2020

You must agree to take the medication exactly as planned. This means that you must cover the exact amount prescribed within the exact time intervals or the risk of termination of the contract. So even if you feel like you don`t need to take your painkillers one day, you have to take it anyway. You can`t reduce your intake or save medication a painless day to take a painful day later. You must accept drug testing. This provision is generally part of the agreement because doctors want to make sure that you do not abuse the drugs. You also want to make sure you are the only one using the drug. As a result, you randomly test and then measure how much medication is in your system. If you are invited to sign a pain management agreement, it is important that you understand every detail of what you sign. In this way, you can respect all the rules and provisions of the treaty. If you don`t understand something, you should ask.

Keep in mind that failure to comply with all the terms of the agreement can have serious consequences. The language of informed consent may be included in a processing agreement or as a separate document. The risks and benefits of COT, possible side effects, the goal of treatment and the ability to facilitate ongoing communication about treatment goals are part of the basic standard framework. Many doctors do drug testing, and if they find out you have too much in your system, they may assume that you are abusing the drugs. Similarly, if you do not have enough medication in your system, they may think that you are selling the drug or that you are giving it to someone else. There are agreements that allow a doctor to use his or her own discretion when your medication is stolen and you submit a police report. But remember, it usually doesn`t have to replace stolen drugs. Thus, you will be forced to give up without painkiller until your recipe can be renewed. They fear, for example, that contracts will deliver to the supplier those who suffer from chronic pain. They claim that those suffering from chronic pain are already vulnerable and that the agreement shifts the balance of power to the doctor, which dispossess the patient and endangers him.

Remember, because prescription drug abuse is so prevalent today, doctors need to be especially careful. It`s not that they don`t believe you or think you`re a drug addict. They could lose their medical licenses and be prosecuted if they prescribe controlled substances to people who abuse them or sell them to others.