Solidworks Service Agreement

17 décembre 2020

12. Third-party accommodation. You have the right to remotely install and use one or more SNL versions of the offer on computers operated by an established and serious third-party provider, and to designate a service provider that operates the hardware and manages the offer exclusively for you and on your behalf; (i) However, this authorization applies only to SNL versions of the Offer, (ii) only authorized users are entitled to use the offer; (iii) You have a written agreement with this service provider in which the service provider agrees that its access to the offer should be reserved exclusively for the purpose of providing the above-mentioned services and, moreover, subject to all the restrictions and restrictions contained in this Agreement. and (iv) such a service provider is not a competitor to DS or an affiliate. You recognize and accept that the service provider is considered your representative. If you are aware of any real or suspicious access, use or disclosure of the offer, you must immediately terminate the service provider`s access to the offer. They defend and compensate DS against any claim, expense, judgment, damage or loss (including reasonable legal fees) that relate to such a provider`s access to the offer or use of the offer. (3) VOLUME of SOLIDWORKS Student Edition (« SWSE »): (i) SWSEs may only be used for educational purposes by qualified students and qualified instructors from qualified educational institutions. It should not be used for research or commercial purposes. (ii) SWSEs may only be installed on personal computers owned or rented by a qualified student or qualified teacher of a qualified educational institution. (iii) SWSE is only provided in the form of a stand-alone license and is not transferable. SWSE uses a flexible locking mechanism to limit installation to a single computer. (iv) SWSEs cannot be resold by unauthorized companies or individuals.

v) SWSE expires after the number of months shown on the package, for example. B 12 months; Does not include a subscription service and is not expandable.