Shopee Seller Agreement

12 avril 2021

Now, every time an order is placed, Shopee ensures that the payment received by the buyers remains blocked from the seller at Shopee. If the buyer confirms receipt of the order and receives the receipt, the payment is released to reach the seller. iii. If necessary, service charges may be reduced from time to time by written agreement with Yumbles, provided such a discount is available. However, it will be too early to predict anything related to shopee commissions, but for now, Shopee acts as a modest connector to fill the gaps between sellers and buyers. 1.2 Services are part of an online platform service that offers a place and opportunity to sell property between the buyer (« buyer ») and the seller (« seller ») (together « You, » « User » or « Parties »). The actual sales contract is located directly between the buyer and the seller and Shopee is not a party to this or any other contract between the buyer and the seller and assumes no obligation related to such a contract. The parties to this transaction are fully responsible for the sale contract between them, the list of goods, the guarantee of the purchase and others. Shopee is not involved in the transaction between users. Shopee may or may not check users in advance or the content or information provided by users. Shopee reserves the right to remove any content or information you have posted on the website in accordance with Section 6.4. Shopee cannot ensure that users actually close a transaction.

v. If a seller is unable to purchase products on the site for a certain period of time, but their account remains active in accordance with paragraph 11E.iv, the account fee will continue to be charged to their account. 8.2 If you own an intellectual property (« owner of the IPR ») or an agent duly authorized by an IPR owner (« DPI agent ») and you believe that your right or right has been violated, please email it to us in writing to and copy it and provide us with the documents requested below to support your claim. Give us time to process the information provided. Shopee will respond to your complaint as quickly as possible. Becoming a Shopee Preferred Seller can offer you huge benefits that can bring more potential customers into your business. The shopee prefers the badges of sellers next to your products to give your customers a sense of trust and reliability. But how do you become one? 19.1 The purchase and sale of alcoholic products (« alcohol ») on the website is permitted by Shopee under the terms of this section 17. If you are an alcohol buyer (« alcohol purchaser »), you are deemed to agree to the terms and conditions of sale in section 17 if you purchase alcohol on the site. If you are a licensed liquor seller (« alcohol seller »), you are deemed to agree to the terms and conditions of sale in section 17 if you sell alcohol on the site.