Qut Student Placement Agreement

15 décembre 2020

WIL agreements are used for all WIL activities, with the participation of partner organizations. QUT, the partner organization and, if necessary, the student sign a WIL agreement. This ensures that all roles, responsibilities and learning achievements are agreed and documented. You can send comments on updated agreements by emailing legalservices@uq.edu.au. Often at the beginning of a WIL chance, students, in agreement with a sector or community partner, will also identify specific learning experiences. These agreed experiences can also be documented. A team of computer science students from last year spent a year with QSuper exploring new ways to increase customer loyalty and attract new markets. Students studied innovative IT solutions and developed an effective prototype of a gamified approach to selling and educating the market through superannuation. Connect with the next generation of MINT thinking by giving our students real learning experiences. Our Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program is a platform to connect our students to the industry experience, where they put theory into practice and gain academic recognition.

The Chief Operating Officer and the Legal Department approved the standard agreements listed below. All standard agreements are secure – connect to your UQ contact member to view the agreements. You will find information on who can sign a standard agreement in the Delegation Directive [1.10.01] and in the delegation schedule (notification of staff required). If the agreement is related to the acceptance of a gift on behalf of the UQ, read the directive on delegations accepting gifts [1.10.04]. Use this agreement to establish a formal relationship with a commercial provider of student housing. This agreement allows the provider to be recognized as a « preferred supplier of UQ » for student accommodation. We offer insurance for unpaid student internships or projects that are a prerequisite for their course. If the internship or project is not paid for, students cannot work more than the agreed hours. If the student is a paid employee, he or she is covered by your organization`s insurance policies. Students who visit your workplace for visits or other activities are covered by your public responsibility.

These policy protocols and work integrated learning (WIL) apply to all employees, students and industry partners. A number of standard agreements are available for organizational units throughout the UQ. When a student is dealing with a wil opportunity in a job, it is important that the industry or community partner also offer workplace initiation, including helping students to work in a safe and healthy work environment. We work with industry and the community to offer our students the opportunity to learn in and through work, internships, internships and sectoral projects. The risk management of integrated learning at work (WIL) is a shared responsibility among all stakeholders, including staff, students and industry partners. Compliance with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (Qld) is an area of critical risk for WIL`s operations. Other risk factors such as intellectual property adequacy, confidentiality and conflicts of interest must be managed in accordance with the QUT Directive or WIL protocol.