Kent Community Safety Agreement

11 décembre 2020

We all have a responsibility to prevent crime and disorder that occur in the first place, and the partners of the SMP will work not only together, but also with communities to achieve this, as well as to combat crime and disorder when they occur. The Safer Maidstone Partnership will work to strengthen community cohesion in its role in community safety, protect vulnerable people and support our communities by providing a safe and secure neighbourhood. In Maidstone, the Safer Maidstone Partnership (SMP) is the name of the Maidstone PSC that works together to protect the weak, to prosecute those who do not respect our district or the law, and to raise awareness of the priority issues that the data we collect and the people we say are the areas that threaten our communities the most. The CSP 2019-2022 plan builds on previous plans that build on 20 years of partnership, crime control and improved urban security. To do this, we work in partnership and connect those who have a duty to participate with others who can help make a difference. Under the leadership of Maidstone Borough Councils Chief Executive, Alison Broom, and Kent Police Chief Inspector, Ray Quiller, senior officers from Maidstone Borough Council, police, health, probation, firefighters and County Council are working with other important authorities to improve community safety in our district. With the help of housing providers, local groups and other organizations, many of which represent the voice of the local population, the partnership addresses priority areas for Maidstone as a district. Although there is no longer a requirement for local strategic bodies, the partnership and its leaders are just one of many strategic and legal groups throughout the city where cross-cutting issues are being debated. Where possible, the priority themes of this plan will be incorporated into these groups to ensure that community security priorities are integrated into other partnership strategies, and these strategies will in turn be taken into account in the CSP plan and in the work of the partnership.

The Chief Constable and I are committed to working together to achieve the best possible results for police work and community safety in Kent. This commitment is reflected in our shared vision of policing, which focuses on partnering outreach, protecting the public from damage, neighbourhood policing and providing a first-rate service: the Safer West Sussex Partnership brings together community safety partnerships with other major agencies to provide a coordinated approach to crime reduction and antisocial behaviour in West Sussex. The success of the SMP is linked to the work of its sub-groups and the management of its board of directors and the evaluation and audit committee. This section, supported by the Appendix 2 diagram, describes how the partnership works as a structured entity and how it fulfils the Community`s security priorities through the work of its sub-groups on the basis of specific and cross-cutting priority themes. Overall, the survey showed that residents support the need to continue to work actively to reduce and prevent crime in our community.