How Is A Conflict Different From A Disagreement

10 décembre 2020

This is the most common reason why conflicts occur, because having interests other than another person increases your chance of confronting them. To get acceptance in a group, you could say what they like, what they don`t like, and say things they don`t like, that they really like. One could, for example, claim that they read a lot of books to be considered intellectuals, but in reality they hate reading books. It creates a disagreement between the things you really want and the things you claim to want to do. Some people go crazy and blame others. « You ignored my authority » or « you`re completely unfair » or « you hurt me and I even want to, » etc. Such a conflict becomes a nasty battle in which they must « impose themselves » and win at all costs (as in the case of a divorce regime). It is also a terrible approach, because it stops all constructive ideas, is unfair (misleading, threatening, chauvinistic) and it arouses lasting hostility. If the goal wins, you will have opened the door to a power struggle, and the one who is stronger, stronger, or has more power will probably prevail. This is a particular problem when it comes to difficult discussions between parents and adolescents or between teachers and adolescents, because the adult in the situation almost always starts in a position of power, whether they recognize it or not. And if you`re faced with a power difference, it`s a sure bet that there will be conflicts rather than disagreements.

The person who is disadvantaged will always have that delicate fear in mind that what they say ultimately does not matter because he or she does not have enough influence. You may also be afraid of being totally honest because of the potential impact. Are they grounded? Did you take your phone or car privileges? On probation or suspended? For example, a teenager wants to go to the movies with his friends, but his mother wants him to help him with his homework. These two very different interests are likely to cause the adolescent and the mother to become very angry and annoyed with each other. The likelihood that such a disagreement to a conflict will depend in large part on the flexibility you are to get what you want. Resources such as money are often at the root of conflict. With silver crunches keeps your mood very curious and your patience at that time remains at a very low level. Focus on the present.

If you cling to the grudge due to past conflicts, your ability to see the reality of the current situation is compromised. Instead of looking to the past and blaming, focus on what you can do here and now to solve the problem. A word has several meanings. Sometimes your perception of a definition of a word may be completely different from other people. For example, for some things, « art » means something precious, but for others, « art » is something creative that is related to emotions. Differences in perception can therefore lead to differences of opinion. Lack of communication between knowledge can lead to a gap that can lead to conflict. While I am right, whether we agree or disagree makes no difference. As long as we do not have to teach or do something about it, it does not matter that you and I have a different opinion on it.