Hdmi Adopter Agreement

10 décembre 2020

Philips Semiconductors HDMI ATC Manager 2, Rue de la Giraffe B.P. 5120 14079 Caen Cedex 5 France E-mail: hdmi-atc@philips.com CLARIFICATION: DEFINITION OF HDMI® LICENSED PRODUCTS An HDMI product made entirely of licensed components does not necessarily mean that the final product is a licensed product. Any end-user product, z.B a digital television or tablet, must be a properly authorized product, even if it may contain one or more fully authorized components. The following is necessary for an HDMI product to be licensed and allowed to carry HDMI marks; (a) the manufacturer of the end user finished product must be a licensed hdmi, and b) the final product must meet all the requirements set out in the agreement to adopt, including, but not exclusively, to perform compliance tests on an ATC HDMI or by self-test. If you have any questions, please contact Will Bush at l`ipr@hdmi.org How do you get a license for the HDMI specification? HdMI is licensed under reasonable and non-discriminatory conditions. The adoption agreement or the Test Equipment Maker agreement, in which the terms of licence are detailed, is available in the « One Adopter » section in the Manufacturer section of this site. Please follow the download and submission instructions of the corresponding agreement as well as your payment to obtain a license for the specification. Please read the adoption agreement if necessary and forward it to the appropriate management or legal representative for verification. Please note that the adoption agreement must be concluded in English. If you need help with the agreement or some other aspect of becoming another, let us know; Our adoption services team is at your side. Please choose the HDMI agreement® adopt that suits your business.

Customs officers, manufacturers and resellers can use this useful tool to search for the status of HDMI adopters. Manufacturers and resellers expect to do business with licensed HDMI users, which is why it`s always a good idea to first check a company`s HDMI adoption status. If you have any further questions to ask yourself to become a hdmi® adopt, please email admin@hdmi.org Silicon Image, Inc. HDMI Authorized Testing Center Location: Sunnyvale, CA USA Attn: ATC Director Email: hdmi-atc@siliconimage.com If your management is ready to sign and finalize the adoption agreement, please contact Kati Selan at kselan@hdmi.org. You get the adoption agreement on DocuSign for electronic signature. Please complete and sign the digital adoption agreement form. We will contact you in 24 hours with the e-Signed Adopt agreement. What is an HDMI? The HDMI (high definition) multimedia interface is the first and only supported and uncompressed digital audio/video interface in the industry.

HDMI offers an interface between each audio/video source, z.B set-top box, DVD player or A/V receiver, and an audio and/or video monitor. B for example a digital TV (DTV), via a single cable. Please note Appendix B of the adoption agreement for royalties and annual royalty details. « No, no. There is no additional annual fee for HDMI users who will concede the next version of the HDMI specification. Will current HD TVs and set-top boxes be compatible with DVI-HDTV with HDMI devices? Yes, yes. Currently, there are TVs with HDTV DVI inputs from a large number of manufacturers. These devices will be compatible with future HDMI devices. All forum members can participate in the development of future HDMI specifications, most directly through the Forum`s technical working group. Does HDMI offer a secure interface? Although no security system is completely secure, HDMI, in combination with HDCP, offers an audio/video interface that meets the security requirements of content providers and system operators. .

The forum is open to the participation of companies interested in contributing to the next generation of HDMI technology. Interested companies must sign a participation contract (Annex B of the statutes) and pay an annual fee.