Double Tax Agreement South Africa And Canada

17 septembre 2021

South African taxpayers, who can currently benefit from taxes with little or no tax on their foreign work income, will soon have to part with their cash to pay the extra tax bill. In cases where double taxation occurs (i.e. the same income is taxed twice in the country of origin and in a foreign country), the persons concerned can remedy it in two ways: South Africa has an extensive network of double taxation treaties. Under certain conditions, the south African tax exemption generally applies where the natural person is established for tax purposes in the other country or jurisdiction for contractual purposes and must reside in South Africa for a reference period of 12 months of less than 183 days, as specified in the relevant double taxation convention. However, where the employee is paid by an established South African company (or is provided by local services) or his remuneration costs come into force to a South African company or are attributable to a South African permanent establishment (PE), this facilitation generally does not apply to that remuneration. Is my only reporting obligation for my Canadian income to enter in the « Non-taxable amounts paid to you as exclusive residents of another country within the meaning of a double taxation treaty » box? A non-resident of South Africa is generally someone who, in each of the current and previous 5 fiscal years, spends a total of less than 91 days in South Africa or spends less than 5 fiscal years in South Africa and who does not intend to remain permanently in South Africa. Note, however, that a natural person established in two taxes is considered to reside exclusively in the designated country/jurisdiction in accordance with the Tie-Breaker tests of a double taxation agreement between South Africa and his or her other country/jurisdiction of residence/jurisdiction. The analysis of a DBA is quite complex and usually requires the support of a professional tax professional. In addition, the DTA discharge can only be claimed by filing a person`s itR12 income tax return with SARS. In the absence of a DBA between South Africa and a country under foreign law, foreign tax credits may be used to avoid double taxation.

South Africa does not have a social security system as such. However, similar contributions apply to unemployment insurance contributions (1 per cent for the employer, 1 per cent for the employee, capped), deductions on skills development (1 per cent for the employer, not covered) and employee compensation contributions (rate varies by sector). . . .