Desexing Agreement

17 septembre 2021

No breeder indicates desexing to maintain its position on the market. Instead, they protect years and years of hard work to perfect their lines. You don`t want to raise your dogs in anyone or anything and you`re not comfortable with desexing until the puppy leaves his house after eight weeks. Personally, I am not at all interested in self-breeding, and if I had a female, I would have no problem complying with the « Deexing contract », but if I had a male, I would not agree to cut her male hood for my own personal reasons. (Excuse me, if anyone 😉 My puppies will sign a desexing contract, but that doesn`t mean I don`t talk to the owner. If they can give me a good reason not to have the procedure and they understand that the dog should not be bred from there, then I don`t see why a responsible owner can`t keep an entire animal. I mean, I`ve done it for the last 6 years, so why can`t someone else?? If I didn`t think the owner is responsible enough to do this, they wouldn`t have any of my puppies! If you wish to delay entexation beyond sexual maturity, we require that men have a vasectomy, or that women have an OSS (castrage ovary sparing) within the deadlines of our entexing agreement and that a sterilization certificate signed by your veterinarian be sent to us. Part of our commitment as PIAA members and professionalism is that we do not contribute to backyard breeding, and this is an important step. Second, I know that right now, anthromorphization is the slogan, but that`s not what I do at all. Desexing has obvious health benefits, as you point out for women, because, as you say, pyro is scary, so uterine infections, etc., and in men it is also prostate cancer! The emotional problems I was referring to are reduced aggressiveness, reduced sexual instinct, and reduced need to pee on everything and scratch the fence to reach bitches in season. I have nothing against your opinion on desexing I have only given my personal feelings on the final issue of this forum.

I always receive my dogs exexed as soon as the vet deems them old enough to do so. I`ve never had a desexing contract with a puppy breeder, but if it`s part of buying a puppy in the future, I would of course [as I already do]. . . .