Cintas Service Agreement Cancellation

14 septembre 2021

(F) Regardless of the general quality of the foregoing, we reserve the right to display advertisements associated with your User Content and to use your Content for advertising, marketing, promotion and other commercial purposes. You acknowledge and agree that your content may be included on the websites and ad networks of our distribution partners, marketing partners, accounts and third-party providers (including their downstream users). Why does he have a key? If it`s because you`re not open, if you`re delivering, then you can say that you`re no longer comfortable leaving them a key after what just happened. They don`t want them to come on a day when they are not expected and take something without leaving a note (stealing). Ask for your key and tell them you`re going to change your alarm code. Give them your operating hours or hours during which you can support deliveries. If they cannot meet your needs, they can no longer offer you a service and must terminate your contract. Didn`t you have the opportunity to look at the company`s finances and check its contracts before buying it? It is not enough that the previous owner did not mention this contract: food service contracts are quite normal, and this would have been published in his books as periodic payments to Cintas. If you think he deliberately hid this contract from you, you may be can sue the seller for the cost of fixing the problem, but you need evidence — and probably a lawyer.

(v) invite other users, without our prior written permission, to join or become members of an online sales service or other organization; (E) Waiver of arbitral treatment. Each of us can assert legitimate claims in small claims court. (C) We agree that all claims or disputes between us and all claims of one of us against a representative, collaborator, successor or beneficiary of the assignment of the other, including, to the extent permitted by applicable law, third parties who are not signatories to this Agreement, that they relate to this Agreement or, in any other way, including past, present and future claims and disputes, including all disputes relating to the validity or enforceable of this arbitration clause, are settled by a binding arbitration procedure administered by JAMS in accordance with its rules and procedures in force at the time of filing the appeal. . . .