Chief Executive Performance Agreement

8 avril 2021

In order to qualify for compensation, holders appointed to the Board by the Governor must, as a rule, hold their duties for at least three consecutive months during the benefit cycle. This period gives the incumbent operator enough time to achieve measurable results. According to the Committee`s recommendation, THE cash compensation of CEOs consists of two elements: base salary and benefit compensation. The part of the compensation called « benefit » or « risk » must be reimbursed annually. As in the private sector, most CEOs can be expected to receive some risk payment. The Director General of the COPS Commission has primary responsibility for facilitating the objectives of the Chief Executive Service and the General Manager. Each board has the flexibility to conduct and develop the evaluation in a way that meets its own needs; However, the evaluation must be done in writing and indicate, for each performance objective, the extent to which the action was performed for all categories of results. An evaluation containing information from multiple sources (including metrics, customer reviews, etc.) contributes to a strong evaluation process. The chairman/board of directors is responsible for evaluating performance.

However, chairs are encouraged to consult with the Minister to ensure that the shareholder`s views are well reflected. It is also recommended that chairs consult with the deputy minister of the department on portfolio issues. During the course of the investigation, the applicant requested copies of the 2016/2017 and 2017/18 performance agreements, which the Commission also refused in accordance with Section 7, paragraph 2, point a). The Chief Ombudsman considered both refusals at the same time. The Performance Management Program for the Governor of the Board (ICG) names incent benefits by linking a portion of the remuneration to the achievement of the results. A rigorous evaluation process and the ability to offset results are essential to the integrity of the program. Information may sometimes be revealed after the evaluation period relevant to the evaluation and remuneration of the benefits available to an agent: the Chief Ombudsman concluded that there was a negligible interest in privacy in the performance agreements and section 7, paragraph 2, point a), did not apply.