Ccli License Agreement

5 décembre 2020

The use of software and the corresponding documentation of this website is subject to the terms of a software licensing agreement between you and CCLI. You must read the license agreement and indicate your consent to the preconditions for installing or using the software. All rights, titles and interest that are not expressly granted are reserved. Your license is based solely on your average Sunday morning presence. You must acquire a license at the level that covers this number of people. Price information is displayed here. Once you have received the license, you can print the song books in a quantity that does not exceed the size of the license for which you are licensed. The following requirements are the responsibility of the licensee in accordance with the provisions of the copyright licensing agreement. All conditions apply only if the license is active.

If the license is not renewed, all rights on the expiry date will be terminated and all copies of songs made under the license agreement will have to be destroyed. If you have any questions or would like more information about the copyright license, please contact customer service If I want to print 100 100 song books for 100 people, do I need a license for 100 or 10,000? The CCLI license allows the Church to copy the text and music, provided that the following three points apply: CCLI`s SongSelect, available at, makes it easy to validate the participation of a song or catalogue in the program. The CCLI copyright license is the most comprehensive, convenient and economical way to free copyright songs used in municipal singing. As a licensee, you have the advantage of creating your own adoring aids, tailored to the specific needs of your church. In addition, the copyright license covers a wide range of song titles to keep your religious services fresh and creative. If you need a license for mundane songs or songs that are not covered by the CCLI license, you can get this license at Song Editing The following activities are prohibited under the terms of the license agreement: Edit or modify the text, melody or basic character of a song covered by the copyright license. To the extent that an agreement between you and CCLI expressly provides for something else, all information and software is provided on this website without any explicit or tacit guarantees, including, but not limited to, tacit guarantees of accessibility, adequacy to a purpose or non-counterfeiting. Our Ministry of Dance is concerned about copyright laws regarding the use of cult music during our performances. Is the CCLI what we need or another license? Thank you, Kenny. I would like to add two more points. I understand that it is legal to copy music if you have enough originals that have been purchased. Let`s say, for example, that I`m doing a Christmas program and I`m drawing music from a multitude of cantatas made in the past and for which I`ve bought enough copies for each member of the choir.

I can legally copy a single piece to prevent the choir from holding several cantatas and destroying them after the presentation. Second, there is now a CCLI license that allows rehearsal demonstrations for the choir or praise team. Costs are based on the estimated number of copies to be made over a 12-month period. If you only use the dance service at church religious services, the CCLI license should cover your use of the songs of the publishers they have covered. HOWEVER, the CCLI license only covers your religious services. If you are performing at other times or places, you need a CSC PerformMusic license that can travel with you and is not limited to religious services. Click here for more information. The point #5 is the only minor derogation from the « communal singing » rule. All live music recorded during worship (not just parochial singing) will be subject to Kirchen`s copyright license, provided the songs are taken from the catalogue of a publisher/song owner that CCLI represents.