Bodo Agreement In Hindi

8 avril 2021

The agreement is referred to as the Bodoland region (Bodoland region) or the BTR agreement (BTR agreement). Suppose there have already been two agreements, but this time it is a big deal. About 4,000 people died in the Bodo movement. This historic agreement will used a new dawn of peace, progress and prosperity in the state of Assam. The Assam agreement was concluded in two ways by the Bodo groups. Bodo became more aware of his identity when Accord spoke of the Assamean identity. Bodo`s groups also saw a way to formulate their demands and convince – unrest and rebellion. In 1987, the All Bodo Students Union (ABSU) renewed this request. Then upendranath Brahma, the leader of the ABSU, had given the slogan: « The main points of the agreement:- The Bodo community is an important part of Indian society according to the sixth calendar (6th calendar) of the Constitution of India. It is the largest tribe of Assam in the northern part of the Brahmaputra Valley. The Bodo community is native to Assam and accounts for more than 5 to 6% of the total population of the state. In 2008, the NDFB reactivated and the group carried out bombings in several areas of Assam, killing 90 people. Ranjan Daimari has been charged with the attacks.

4. Later, Ingati Kathar formed another group. Lok Sabha MP Sharania blames bJP: « BTC elections are scheduled this year and the current Council will most likely change. The BJP therefore believes that it will be difficult for the 12 GMPs who will win the Assam general election in 2021 if Hagrama`s party loses the GMP council elections. It will be difficult for the BJP to fulfil the 100-seat mission set by the BJP in the general elections. »