Baa Agreement Template

12 septembre 2021

All relevant companies that intend to share protected health information with a third party must establish a HIPC-compliant counterparty agreement before declaring their readiness to do business together. It is only an exemplary language and the use of these examples is not necessary to comply with hipC rules. The language may be changed to more accurately reflect the commercial agreements between a covered entity and a counterparty or counterparty and a subcontractor. In addition, those provisions, or other similar provisions, may be included in a service provision agreement between a covered entity and a counterparty or counterparty or subcontractor, or may be included in a separate counterparty agreement. These provisions apply only to the concepts and requirements set out in the HIPC rules on data protection, security, breach notification and law enforcement, and may not be sufficient on their own to result in a binding contract under state law. They do not contain many formalities and material provisions necessary or typically contained in a valid contract. The invocation of this sample may not be sufficient to comply with the law of the State and does not replace consultation with a lawyer or negotiation between the parties. Disclaimer: At a meeting of the cclho hie toolkit working group on March 17, 2011, the consensus was that counterpart agreements would not be used in California. This document is provided for informational purposes because the elements contained in this example are included. This form applies only to the agreement between a counterparty and a covered entity. Counterparties must subscribe to separate BAAs with their subcontractors.

A lawyer may modify this form to meet the subcontractor`s baa requirements, or design a separate subcontractor BAA. Recitals can help to explain the relationship between BAA and the underlying agreements between the parties. Consider asking a lawyer to verify the accuracy of the recitals and any underlying agreements. Printing form Annex h hipaa Federal counterparty agreement health insurance Portability and accountability Law (hipaa) i. . .