Arc Standard Grant Agreement

3 décembre 2020

6.2. This section of the Incentive Guidelines provides details on the eligibility requirements for: the method of selecting potential fellows. This may include a comparative assessment of applications or an assessment of applications based on eligibility criteria and/or evaluation criteria. A1.2 The start of the scholarship for Australian fellowships, which will begin in 2019, is July 1, 2019. D1.6 The objectives of Discovery Indigenous Grant Opportunity are: 4.5. Linkage Projects` scholarship opportunity supports projects that launch or develop strategic long-term research alliances to apply advanced knowledge to problems, acquire new knowledge and acquire it as a basis for ensuring the commercial and other benefits of research. 11.7. We will apply for grants and terminate the project if you do not meet the obligations under the grant agreement. b. consider all eligibility and evaluation criteria to be considered for a grant; section 4 of this directive. 5.1. For the granting of interconnection projects, applications are reviewed at the level of appropriations shown in Table 1. 9.11.

Contributions from the partner organization must be expressed in Australian dollars and, subject to these guidelines, be paid at the specified level, regardless of currency fluctuations. (k) essential travel costs for the project, as defined in the corresponding part of these guidelines (see parts A to E); 13.12. We may visit you during or after the completion of your project to verify your compliance with the grant agreement. We can also view the records you must keep under the grant guidelines and the grant agreement. We will inform you of each compliance visit in an appropriate manner. c. how grant applications are considered and selected; 11.24. Once the grant agreement is signed by the Commonwealth, the payment is made the next day available for grants after the grant begins.

12.6. If the CRA approves grants that differ from the amount requested, adjustments may be made in proportion to the contributions of the partner organization. D2.1 We provide project funding and DAATSIA salary funding for Discovery Indigenous Grant Opportunity, as described in Table 9.