Apple Developer Agreement Page Not Working

11 septembre 2021

Make sure that the Apple ID you sign in to Apple Developer with is the same Apple ID on your trusted device. If you`re trying to use the trusted number, make sure the number on your Apple ID is trustworthy. If all of this is correct, go to Apple If you can`t sign in with a two-step verification through your Apple ID page and follow the steps. If none of this works, you should go directly to Apple Support. I also had this problem when I tried to create a developer account. The « Send » button did nothing but update the page. It didn`t matter if I was using another browser or another device. Try going and entering your billing and shipping information before trying again. It worked for me.

and here Sign in to Apple Developer, select the membership on the left groin and search for team ID on the page. I then want to sign up as an Apple developer, but after clicking the « Send » button and more than 10 minutes, it`s still not finished Make sure you`re signed in to two-factor authentication. Instructions can be found on the Two-Factor Authentication for Apple ID page. If you`re using two-step verification with Apple, you`ll need to switch to two-factor authentication. Instructions can be found on Apple`s Switch page from two-step verification for two-factor authentication. This issue is most likely due to a problem with your Apple ID. Please visit the Apple ID support page for assistance. The same thing here, I reported a similar issue in 2013 and some people seem to have solved the problem by creating another Apple ID, but it didn`t work for me either.

I hope someone reads these messages :/ In « iTunes Connect, » tap « Users & Roles » on the « Rolls » page on the « ? » next to « Roll. » It would seem that a person with « Admin » or « App Manager » can customize anyone`s roles. So try to activate the control box that gives you the « Legal » role. Thank you for your archives. I have the same problem at the Apple Developer Center. I haven`t even solved the issue of Apple support. They are most likely connected to Apple`s Business Development Program. This program is designed only for internal distribution and does not allow access to the App Store. You must sign in to the developer program with your Apple ID. In the developer forums, other users have offered to call Apple – To update your existing apps and send new apps to the App Store, the user must verify and accept the updated agreement on their account on the developer`s site with the role « Legal » (Team Agent). Developers Apple and App Store Connect are two halves of the same set. Apple Developer takes care of back-end items such as certificates and files needed for mobile app functionality.

App Store Connect covers pre-end items such as screenshots, the name, and availability or not of your app for download. I also have a hard time doing this: the « Download » button doesn`t work on the « Apple Developer Agreement » page. I cannot read the agreement. Apple requires the Apple ID to be linked to a real person. You can`t create generic Apple IDs. Apple will confirm who you are, including emails or calls, to request additional confirmation information. The use of generic information leads to a very long and difficult process that can be fixed with Apple. For more information, see Apple Identity Verification. Yes, I searched the forum. No, I don`t need to accept anything in iTunes Connect (Bank, Contracts…) – there is still an active framework contract…